Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty Or 50 Shades Of Awesome

I simply appreciate when a moviemaker does not push his or her political agenda down my throat ~

Jessica Chastain being awesome

When I think of movies I think of unforgettable masterpieces I later relate to whatever was happening to me when I first watched it and what kind of “message” (for lack of a better term) I took from it, whether or not the director, writer, producer etc. made the decision consciously or not to embed the movie with any philosophical seeds or moral lessons per se. However, I usually find myself trying not too read too much into anything, after all, it's just a movie. I especially contain myself from preaching the message I took from the movie since the experience of understanding a film should belong to the viewer. Always.

I heard that some moviegoers and critics had decided to see a lot of pro-torture propaganda in the latest Kathryn Bigelow flick. Some even said this movie would not be a major Academy contender because of the somewhat “negative” message, which prompted the question: are these people insane!?

I instantly felt I needed to see this one, as fast as I possibly could, to try to understand why in the world anybody in their right minds would make any kind of movie supporting torture in this day and age.

Boy, were these folks wrong!

What I realized by watching this film is that these critics were not only “reading too much into it”; they were experiencing a crisis of perception. Really. When a movie maker states in the very beginning of the film that the following story is based on nothing but first-hand accounts of facts, all you really have to do – as a viewer – is to take the filmmaker’s word and go with it. Clear up your mind, bro - you may learn a thing or two about the perks of not being so uptight about every freaking thing you consume.

With that being said, let’s talk about the movie:

This is a no-brainer, for me at least. Zero Dark Thirty is a great example of what simple story telling, straight-to-the-point execution and poignant performances can do to an audience. Yes, you guessed it, films like that make people think. In spite of the lack of any character development, this movie accomplished what Argo also did in 2012: it was politically neutral.

In a time when Hollywood has shown its teeth by ferociously sticking with the Obama supporting majority, one would have guessed that most movies being pushed into production would end up being one-dimensional, politically speaking, but that hasn’t been the case with Zero Dark Thirty and Argo.

Although I must say I’m impressed, I’m not exactly convinced people understand the importance of this film’s neutrality. When Bigelow and Mark Boel decided to recount the “greatest manhunt in history” without picking sides, they did us all a favor by exposing the process in which the so-called independent intelligence agency arm of the United States government operated and how it continued to operate in spite of any “change” D.C. saw throughout the period the movie portrays.

They chose to let us understand that, promises are only words when uttered by politicians and that we are better off not letting our emotional chunk take over when we are looking at facts and not some cheesy soap that has been running now for way too long.

When an artist, be him or her a musician, a painter, a photographer or a filmmaker, decides to simply recreate the facts of the period in which they live without picking sides, they are making a strong and significant statement, they are allowing the viewer the pleasure and full responsibility of understanding their art (and history) their own way and not letting politics (machinations, maneuvering, opportunism, which are all definitions of politics) set the tone.

Don’t get me wrong: I like discussing politics. Current political affairs are a constant in my social exchanges but I do appreciate when a moviemaker does not push his or her political agenda down my throat. I like to think for myself and trust those who feel the same way.

Now, when it comes to what I personally took from this movie, I must say I learned a thing or two about not overestimating obstacles, enemies etc. Yes, I did learn by watching Zero Dark Thirty that, the solution to the problem was simple and it was obvious but those in power decided to, wait for it… read too much into it (!) and ended up making the manhunt a much more complicated puzzle than it truly was.

SPOILER ALERT: At some point of the movie, the big guy wants “tangible proof, like a picture or something” of the big ol’bearded terrorist in order to act. Having detailed info concerning an unknown male with a wife and kids in constant contact with bin Laden’s main message carrier hiding in a fortress without ever using a phone wasn’t enough! END OF SPOILER.

Well, I guess humans will always want to complicate matters, especially when it comes to seeing more subliminal messages in movies about governmental agencies than they should. ~

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So I'm 28 ~

So I'm 28 years of age.

I was born exactly 28 years ago and what strikes me as the most astonishing of accomplishments is that:

One, I didn't get to be the rock star I thought I would eventually become and

Two, I didn't get to die during my 27th year of existence at the prime of my game...

Living is a weird thing, it takes so much time to get it and then it takes even more time to let it go. By the time you're gone, you forgot you cared but by the time you've realized you care, you find you care so much, it hurts to show...

I guess that's all I have to say about me, really. You see, I deal with myself constantly and to be honest, I'm just as fun as staring at brick walls when all you care for is the ocean.

angles of alice (horrible, I know)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

To penetrate pig-thick skin

Why is it that having a hobby is healthy and being mildly obsessed with a band, a movie star or a literature character harmful?

Humans have a funny way to categorize everything and make sure that, whatever it is that is placed above or beneath previously traced lines, is crushed back to exist within limits or expelled forcefully through the use of real-world politics.

Yes, I used the word politics.

Because politics is exactly what one may find meticulously defined in the contents of a dictionary: power struggle, machinations, maneuvering and finally opportunism. Part of the reason why I hate politics so much is how aware I am of its influence and how incredibly sensible I am about its effect on people.

Politics push everybody to think like everybody and I have no patience regarding those individuals who won’t let me be an individual. To constantly feel pressure to make a good impression because, believe it or not, I might offend Joe and Jack over there when they finally find out my radical and poetic visions regarding my own self and my own preferences when it comes to whatever do not match theirs.

‘Whatever’ is too much of an issue to deal with because taboo is a much easier thing to fight over than, I don’t know, anything that is truly important. Because the idea of fighting, after all, is overrated and blown out of proportions, which leaves nothing to the imagination and everything to the shallow. To fight over something is a luxury item that is truly available for all.

The one thing we have in common: the capacity to argue over nothing.

When one argues my “opinion” (note how I placed opinion between quotation marks) offends them or outrages them or makes me less of the human I obviously am, I puke a little inside my mouth but before feeling sick, I feel fine.

I, in the end, know better while the pig that spits on my face knows only how to be… a pig. That’s true politics, to point the finger at somebody for having some ludicrous idea and mock him or her for expressing thoughts in a very inoffensive manner. To create the idea in others that a harmless someone is not worth any attention and to do so forcefully, through the use of a detrimental and abusive approach… now that is politics.

Wow. A post that started as a rebellious way of telling the world I do not like to hide what I feel that finished with a rant about real-world politics… We haven’t changed much since Columbus ‘came across’ the Americas and I guess evolution is nothing but a faint notion of idealized humanity that mankind is simply not able to wrap its collective mind around… and never will.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A poem that should have been more

You raise your voice and you
Speak –
some clap.
You fear they’ll take over
As if a cloud
Could cover up the skies forever or
The rain
Could wash up the Kamešnica
Away from this land
That is yours and that is also
For that is land for all,
For those who seek to live
Like animals instinctively do 
and just like we
also happen 
To do

Like a child
You run and hide under your bed,
Like a child running loose
Without the presence of a sensible soul
You get your hands on the first heavy and
sharp thing you find
And you aim 
At this imminent threat,
The made-up ghost

You raise your voice
And your cup
You drink as if there were no Tomorrows
No days to live as one
Like the humans we all happen to be

Like one
Full of flaws but still perfect
For being

You kill
As if a heart were worth a sack of stones
‘For those, those I threaten
have killed my own!’
In the past
The remote past,

But the past, one may reason
Doesn’t run back
To the present
With foamy mouths and
Empty stomachs
To collect installments
On old dues

The past is not aware of
The pain or shame
One of your own
Has endured
So do not reenact the theatre
Of a war that is not yours to fight

Be it with kindness
Or awareness,
Learn to relearn.

Note that putting the gun down
Is all one will be remembered for
In the end

Put your gun down, boy
I want to feel the kindness
Dripping from the scent of the memory
I’ll take with me to my grave:
The picture of your deep, grayish and
Blue eyes
Being kind.

I want to cherish you
As much
As I cherish
The ones you have hated
For far too long now
And for no good reason
At all

Stavite svoje oružje dole.
It’s all you have to do,
Oružje na terenu.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Pristine and despair

On a day like this
Days like that make sense
In a moment of pristine
And a moment of despair
It’s true, dear, and so true
Those days now seem
Not fair

A reality I seldom embrace for I’ve
Just learned
The right side of my brain is
Twisted and torn
Never playing games, never
Combining strengths
While the rest of the world struggles
To find reasoning
In make-believe separation, could it be that
It’s our brain’s fault?

Yes and I

The ocean won’t leave the shore but
Shores will no longer shore be when
Ocean swiftly covers it all or will it
That fire will blanket with its
Reputable and wide hands the four corners of this
World of parsimony or
Will it be that men
Finally will
Covet everything there is, the skies, and milky ways
Oceans of unsinkable stars and black holes hanging sideways
Until all that could belong to a heavenly notion is nothing
Another one of men’s acquisitions

For the fighter in me wants to
Conquer the fighter in you and
Fighting eye for an eye is old
Fighting tooth for a gallon of milk, well
That’s more like it. ~

Monday, November 07, 2011

home is you

strange to think
what I know
to be true
so deeply
is what everyone
against me

they point out
how crazy I am
or have become
with time
so far away
from all of that
which once meant

to me

but what i leave out
is that
home was never
what home meant
but the feeling
i pursue
that lives within
and can only be
wild and free
once I feel I'm away
from home

where another
type of home
more of the same
old thing
folks used to call


I call you

you are home
the whole of what
i've always known
and others
always seemed so eager
to shun away

as if what truly moves us
should be an item
to be locked away
where all things shame
likes to claim
as their pride and joy

not I

you and you

Sunday, July 03, 2011

for bill

I know
There’s something inside of you
A little rock of knowledge
They never really cared to
A brick of understanding
Too heavy
For anyone else to carry
Too bright to be
Just part
Of the foundations
Of any given monument

Unless you build
Your temple of importance
In a place where the soil glows
More than that of which
Shines bright
By the crowning of
A full day
In the end of the road
You travel
The bright glimpse of that
That happens to be the center
Of everything
We know

What is it that turned into
The thing we care the most and
Can’t quite put a finger on?
The countless hours of traffic
Of frustrating work
We give away to
Members of a society
So useless, and yet
They think they rule
The world,
Who don’t really
To mind our prickly presence
Here and there
And acknowledge our importance

I know
This life isn’t worth it
And you said it
But you said something else

Life is
All there is
For it’s one
After millions of them
Have allowed such clarity

An imagination
Ground zero
For wonder

I get it

I really do

But all I really cared for
Was for you to know
I get it and that I
Really do

There’s nothing else
But a growing fear
In my heart
No one will ever
Feel you
Like I do

And to that I say
Oh no!

Someone turn this light
I’m about
To take flight
And you know
How it goes
I can go high, but
I might end up going
Really low.