Sunday, July 03, 2011

for bill

I know
There’s something inside of you
A little rock of knowledge
They never really cared to
A brick of understanding
Too heavy
For anyone else to carry
Too bright to be
Just part
Of the foundations
Of any given monument

Unless you build
Your temple of importance
In a place where the soil glows
More than that of which
Shines bright
By the crowning of
A full day
In the end of the road
You travel
The bright glimpse of that
That happens to be the center
Of everything
We know

What is it that turned into
The thing we care the most and
Can’t quite put a finger on?
The countless hours of traffic
Of frustrating work
We give away to
Members of a society
So useless, and yet
They think they rule
The world,
Who don’t really
To mind our prickly presence
Here and there
And acknowledge our importance

I know
This life isn’t worth it
And you said it
But you said something else

Life is
All there is
For it’s one
After millions of them
Have allowed such clarity

An imagination
Ground zero
For wonder

I get it

I really do

But all I really cared for
Was for you to know
I get it and that I
Really do

There’s nothing else
But a growing fear
In my heart
No one will ever
Feel you
Like I do

And to that I say
Oh no!

Someone turn this light
I’m about
To take flight
And you know
How it goes
I can go high, but
I might end up going
Really low.